The future of television

August 18, 2012


A modern graphic showing about 30 flat screensThe television age has been with us now for over 80 years and during that time it has expanded and been perfected in a myriad different ways, with colour pictures arriving around 1951, then a progression through cable services and the full digital age.

Further progression

Television is a part of our daily lives with ever increasing amounts of channels for consumption. However, recent developments in the Internet age are bringing new ways of broadcasting images that have no reliance on usual television practice.
In response the TV companies of the world have been relatively slow to develop their response. Many companies are seeing their advertising revenues fall as the Internet companies compete more and more for their share of this lucrative market.
Do the new developments represent an end to the old way of doing things? Well, probably not. The fact remains that in terms of quality, televisual production companies still have the upper hand and will continue to do so.

Changed but still very much present

The future then, will rely very much on quality, the amount of money that is now invested into television programmes is increasing, and while not at Hollywood levels, the spend is producing more quality product especially in the realm of drama.

The diversity that new media is bringing to the broadcast segment is also not lost on the TV executives, with an ever expanding range of niche channels being available to cater for different interests and tastes. In time we will probably see the contraction of available channels as the market forces work and create success and failure of these niche markets, the strong content channels surviving while others fall by the wayside.

The TV companies will continue to expand their own online content and make instant availability of programmes the norm. TV can only get better in order to compete, expect better programming and target marketing.

Picture: Bernd Ege – Fotolia
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