How to set up the perfect home cinema

August 25, 2012


A home cinema system with a bright screen and a complex audio boxes systemSetting up a home cinema is always going to be a task that involves many factors, the first one to mention would be budget. It can be as expensive as your budget allows, however, there are products available to suit every need. Your system requires some basic elements and these are the screen, the sound system and the media player. There are many combinations of these three basic elements that are available.

Home Cinema Equipment

Firstly, the screen, this could be in the form of a Projection screen (with projector), an LCD screen or a plasma screen. Many different sizes are available in all three formats, so consider the space available for your home cinema. A 40 inch up to a 50 inch screen would be fine for viewing at a distance of between 6 and 8 feet from the screen, if you have a large room then consider a projection screen or large plasma.
The sound system is the most important part of your task, the delivery of a good sound-scape is key to achieving the cinema like effect. This will include a sub-woofer for deep bass effects. There are amplifiers and receivers with 5, 7 or even 9 further speaker outputs but all will include a centre, front and rear speakers. Your system can be based around a DVD or Blu-ray player, but home theatre PC’s or even games consoles could be used to actually deliver the media.

The Setup

Ideally your screen (of any type) would be positioned directly in front of your seated position, if using a projector then this is usually roof mounted. All the equipment will be connected using Interconnects (cables) and these should be of the highest quality to ensure optimum quality. The sub-woofer can be placed anywhere, but the centre speaker should be central to your screen with left and right channels used appropriately both to the front and rear. DTS and Dolby Digital compliant devices will then project the sound in a surrounding envelope for true home cinema. Enjoying the full sound is what turns a film into an experience.

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